JFA Whistleblowing Channel

Report Compliance Concerns Securely

Do you want to report an irregularity to JFA?

We have a whistleblower channel at your disposal.

The Complaints Channel constitutes a secure channel through which an individual may report offenses covered by Article 2 of Law No. 93/2021, of December 20, and/or Article 3 of Decree-Law 109-E/2021, of December 9.

This complaints channel is characterized by being secure, confidential, and easily accessible; it is an essential tool for the realization of JFA’s transparency policy and the commitment to loyalty undertaken.

This complaint channel can be used by:

   – Employees;
   – Service providers, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers, as well as any individuals acting under their direction or supervision;
   – Holders of social participations and individuals belonging to corporate bodies of administration or management, or to fiscal or supervisory bodies, including non-executive members;
   – Volunteers and interns, whether paid or unpaid.

All data, from the whistleblower and the complaints, are stored on a proprietary platform and are protected according to JFA’s information security policies.


The entire complaint management system is defended with technical and organizational measures suitable to ensure the protection of data and other relevant information.


The whistleblower does not have to identify themselves and may choose to make the complaint anonymously. 


However, we advise identifying yourself, as this way, you can benefit from whistleblower protection, provided that you meet the requirements set out in Law 93/2021, of December 20.


All information that directly or indirectly allows for the deduction of the whistleblower’s identity is of a confidential nature and is of restricted access to the persons responsible for receiving or following up on complaints.


The identity of the whistleblower is only disclosed due to a legal obligation or judicial decision.


Complaints made in good faith will not result in any negative action by JFA and will be protected against retaliation.

Whistleblower Channel

Leverage our confidential whistleblower channel to report any suspected violations of compliance by emailing us at whistleblow@jfaengenharia.pt.