JFA Achieves Prestigious PME Líder Excellence Award for 2022

In a remarkable feat of recognition, José Ferraz & Associados (JFA) has been honored with the esteemed PME Líder Excellence Award for 2022. This prestigious accolade underscores JFA’s continued commitment to excellence, innovation, and leadership in the architectural and engineering industry.

PME Líder Excellence Award: A Symbol of Distinction

Awarded by IAPMEI (Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation), in partnership with leading financial institutions, the PME Líder Excellence Award is a mark of distinction bestowed upon Portuguese companies that exhibit outstanding performance, financial stability and sustained growth.

JFA's Unparalleled Excellence

For the 11th time, JFA has been recognized with the PME Líder Award, a testament to its unwavering dedication to excellence over the years. The Excellence Award, received for the 2nd consecutive year and the 3rd time in the company’s history, further solidifies JFA’s position as a leader in the industry.

Continuous Innovation and Growth

JFA’s journey to excellence is marked by a commitment to innovation, sustainable practices and the delivery of high-quality architectural and engineering solutions. The company’s ability to adapt to evolving industry trends, coupled with its focus on client satisfaction, has been pivotal to its sustained success.

CEO of JFA, José Miguel Real Branco Gomes Ferraz, on the Achievement

Reflecting on this remarkable achievement, JFA’s CEO, José Miguel Real Branco Gomes Ferraz, expressed gratitude to the entire JFA team for their hard work and dedication. He emphasized the importance of innovation, client-centric approaches and a commitment to delivering world-class solutions in the company’s continued success.

A Glimpse into JFA's Impactful Projects

JFA’s success extends beyond accolades, with its projects making waves in architecture, engineering, and sustainability. The company’s recent nominations for Architecture, Engineering, and Sustainability Awards in 2023 further highlight its impact on the industry.

Looking Ahead

As JFA continues its journey of excellence, the PME Líder Excellence Award for 2022 stands as a testament to the company’s resilience, innovation, and commitment to creating a better future through world-class solutions.

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