JFA Engenharia was incorporated in June 2002, working in the engineering, safety coordination and supervision / management projects sector. Since its foundation, the company has sought to excel in its activity by rigor, professionalism, innovation and quality in the provision of services, always ensuring the relationship of trust with its clients and strategic partners. It is technically directed by: José Miguel Real Branco Gomes Ferraz (Civil Engineer - U.P.)

The strong commitment to the internationalization process has forced the company to evolve and complement its area of ​​operation. Although its origin is in structural engineering, it is nowadays a multidisciplinary company, encompassing in the various areas of civil engineering and architecture, and its main objective, in the scope of integrated service provision to its clients, is to develop quality projects in ambitious terms . Innovation and quality are also seen by the JFA as a means of providing opportunities for learning and professional achievement to its employees. Projects that challenge previous skills and experiences are preferred by the company. Directing all its intervention in order to produce integrated and achievable projects within the economic and program parameters defined by the client, creativity and innovation are decisive factors in the permanent search for technical excellence.


When developing a project JFA bets on the security and the guarantee of continuous communication between client and designer.

We work with a clear philosophy:

Listen, think and solve.


Our work begins on your needs, issues and concerns. That's why we give it so much importance.


Your ideas grow with us through logical, innovative and persistent work. We combine rationality, culture, creativity, rigor and determination in the search for the best project solution.


Your project is unique and designed to your specifications. We know how you appreciate a quick and effective solution, a relevant response, innovative work, a good idea at heart.


Elaborate projects of quality in ambitious deadlines, in the scope of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Coordination of Security and Supervision / Management of Works. Elaborate quality projects in ambitious deadlines, in the scope of an integrated provision of services to its clients.


A multidisciplinary company, capable of offering its clients, national and international, an integrated provision of Engineering and Architecture services.


Rigor Quality Seriousness


The main objective of JFA is the overall success of the projects in which it participates.

projetos recentes!


Bridges, Train Railway, Roads & Highways, Tunnels,

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140 Bed Military Hospital

Verification and approval of the achievement and engineering studies, as well as the examination of the same elements at the Military Hospital of 140 beds in Ourgla / 4th Military Region...


Dar El Beida Oncology Clinic

Architecture and Engineering Project of the Oncology Clinic in Dar El Beida, Algeria...


Oran Anti-Cancer Center

Architecture Project and all the engineering specialties of the new Oran Anti-cancer Center in Algeria....


Constantine Anti-Cancer Center

Architecture Project and all the engineering specialties of the new Constantine Anti-cancro Center in Algeria....


Requalification of the Municipal Stadium of Famalicão

Requalification of the Municipal Stadium of Famalicão - Design of specialties of Engineering...


Hotel AlmaLusa Baixa/Chiado

Engineering Project at AlmaLusa Hotel, Lisbon....


ETAR Chaves

ETAR in Chaves, Portugal....


Unidade Fabril Secil

Secil concrete production unit in Montijo...


Edifício Cabedelo

Engineering Project of the Cabedelo Building in Viana do Castelo...